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Complaints and appeals

Жалобы и апелляции

Opportunity to submit a complaint or appeal is an important instrument for protection of interests of Certification Association “Russian Register” clients and other interested parties from errors and unjustified actions and for ensuring openness of certification procedure. Materials of complaints and appeals are reviewed in accordance with the Procedure for Control of Appeals, Complaints and are available to an independent surveillance body – Supervisory Council.

Interested individual has the right to submit a complaint or appeal to Certification Association “Russian Register” within 1 (one) month since the date of an event which has caused it. Appeals to conformity assessment and confirmation bodies, acting in the framework of Association “Russian Register”, are reviewed under the same procedure.

Complaint (appeal) shall be registered in writing, signed by an authorized representative of complainant and shall be sent to Certification Association “Russian Register” Head Office together with attached documents either via e-mail in the form of the scanned file or by ordinary post in paper form.

For applicants at the territory of the RF and the CIS countries submission shall be filled in in Russian. Applicant form other countries can send an appeal in English. Appeal shall specify the name of organization-applicant, legal and post address, phones, e-mail addresses for communication, position, full name and contact information of responsible employee for communication in respect of complaint (appeal) review, description of the object of complaint (appeal) and potential parties-participants, objective evidence related to the appeal, the need to conform to anonymity of initiator’s information.

The attached form can be used to submit complaint (appeal) in English.

A special procedure for submission and review of complaints (appeals) with the use of specialized portals is provided for industrial certification schemes (FSC, FSSC, AS9100).

Materials of submission shall be reviewed within 3 (there) months since the date of submission receipt.

Applicant shall be notified in writing via e-mail or by ordinary post about complaint (appeal) being taken into consideration and about the decision made.

When upon the results of complaint (appeal) review your submission is considered justified, the results will be taken into account in our work and resolved using the most efficient and effective method.


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