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Certification of Forest Management

Лесная сертификация

The assessment is performed for conformity to FSC Principles and Criteria which are provided in National and General forest management standards.

Certification of the forest management system and internal chain of custody (FM/COC)

Performed for companies which are tenants or owners of forest areas and include an internal chain of custody. A company shall demonstrate that wood harvested at the certified area is not mixed with external non-certified wood before the transfer of its ownership. The company becomes authorized to use the FSC trademark on its products.

Certification of Forest Management (FM)

Performed for companies exercising forest management or forest use. Usually model forests, national parks and other HCVFs are subject to certification under this scheme. For this type of certification assessment of an internal chain of custody is not performed. Thus, a company can only claim that sustainable forest management is performed at a given area.

Certification requirements

FSC normative documents for forest management.

Also please see the general recommendations, preparation procedure and FSC and RR requirements for the certification process which are stated in “Rules of forest management and chain of custody certification”.

Application Forms

Declaration‐application for forest management certification.

Certification Association “Russian Register” is accredited for FSC forest management certification in Russia and CIS countries.

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