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Pre-production inspection (input control)

Инспекции в промышленности

Equipment, components, raw materials, materials and semi-finished products from external suppliers intended to be included in products composition specified by the client (materials and equipment).

Documentary control

Inspection of the availability of technical documentation, shipping documents, documents confirming the quality and completeness (including spares and tool kit).

Visual Testing

  • Inspection of the availability of marks and its compliance with the information specified in the technical documentation and shipping documents.
  • Inspection of the presence/absence of mechanical damage to the package, inspection of the package compliance with the GOST requirements.
  • Inspection of the presence/absence of mechanical damage to the materials and equipment, dents, scoring, visible defects, corrosion.
  • Inspection of the conformity of the received amount of materials and equipment with the bill of lading, packing lists, inspection of the completeness of equipment (including spares and tool kit).
  • Inspection of the presence and condition of the lacquer coating.

Instrumental control

  • Inspection of the geometric parameters, such as (depending on the object): diameter, thickness, length, width, dimensions, out-of-roundness, wall thickness, pitch of thread, insulation thickness, lacquer paint or protective coating thickness.


  • Inspection of the compliance of control methods, testing, sampling with established requirements.
  • Testing of raw materials, semi-finished products, equipment in an independent accredited testing laboratory (center) or in the laboratory of the supplier.

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