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Insurance services

Страховые услуги

Arrangement of insurance protection for clients of certification association Russian Register

Descroption of the service

The insurance sphere is highly significant for economics of any country. Due to this one of activities Certification Association “Russian Register” performs is arrangement of services on insurance of Clients of Certification Association “Russian Register” provided in compliance with the Legislation of the Russian Federation and with consideration of the international experience.

Economic situation predetermines trends for maximum informing of Clients and insurance coverage of all areas of human life, including production and service provision.

Certification Association “Russian Register” serves as the framework for operation of the insurance expert – “KOMINSUR INSURANCE BROKERS RUS” Ltd. which offers services on arrangement of any insurance services, including but not limited to, on:

  • requesting and preparation of insurance offers from various insurance companies;
  • analysis of received options, comparison of conditions and assistance in selection of the optimal offer individually for each client;
  • servicing and timely renewal of concluded insurance contracts;
  • protection of the client’s interests both towards insurance companies and third parties;
  • arrangement and conduction of pre-insurance audits, expert assessments, survey examinations;
  • settlement of losses;
  • legal assistance in the insured scope, settlement of disputes, conduction of proceedings at court.

Reputation of the company, image of people running it, as well as financial stability are key factors predetermining the business success. Do not put at risk what you have been creating so long, and trust the experts. An insurance expert knows exactly what insurance protection you need.

For all issues related to insurance Certification Association “Russian Register” recommends to apply for consultation to the professional independent participant of the insurance market, insurance expert - “KOMINSUR INSURANCE BROKERS RUS” Ltd.

“KOMINSUR INSURANCE BROKERS RUS” Ltd. Offers insurance services on the European level and competent services meeting the highest standards to the Clients of Certification Association “Russian Register”!

Objectives and principles of activity

The Insurance Expert of Certification Association “Russian Register” cooperates only with the trusted and reliable insurers.

At the stage of the request and comparative analysis of quotations we perform the initial screening of insurers, and after receipt of prices our customer only needs to make the final choice.

Each kind of insurance has multiple specific issues normally applied by insurers in the policy. As a rule, a customer does not pay careful attention to them, however, it is such details that can limit the insurance indemnity or become the reason for refusal to pay the insurance. Participation of an insurance expert in the insurance process provides the opportunity to conclude a thoroughly elaborated contract without “hidden pitfalls”.

The Insurance Expert of Certification Association “Russian Register” represents interests of its customers at all stages of work with an insurance company. It undertakes communications with underwriters and managers related to conclusion, support and servicing of the insurance contract. Availability of experience and contracts with insurers enables the Insurance Expert to settle issues promptly and efficiently, including in case of settlement of losses.

While defending interests of a client towards the insurance company, in accordance with the contract on the complex service provision, the Insurance Expert of Certification Association “Russian Register” facilitates to collection and processing of the documents required for receipt of the insurance indemnity from the insurance company, performs control over their correct execution and submission, participates in settlement of disputable issues in case of an insurance event, where necessary, conducts the proceedings at court.

List of insurance services

The Insurance Expert of Certification Association “Russian Register” provides facilitation during conclusion of contracts on all main kinds of insurance:

  • industrial property and business interruption insurance;
  • general third party liability insurance;
  • insurance covering different kinds of professional liability (including mandatory: public notaries, assessors, auditors etc.);
  • liability insurance for damage caused by defects in goods, activities, services;
  • insurance of dangerous production facilities;
  • cargo and cargo transportation insurance;
  • construction and installation activity insurance;
  • CASCO insurance of marine and aircrafts, P&I insurance;
  • builder’s risk hull insurance;
  • voluntary medical insurance;
  • accident insurance;
  • other kinds of insurance, upon request.

The abovementioned kinds of insurance mostly correspond to the capacities of Certification Association “Russian Register” in respect of ensuring of customer economic interests protection. Technically complex kinds of insurance, insured property with significant insured sums and insurance fees, with the appropriate package of complex risks accepted for insurance are the priority for the insurance expert of Certification Association “Russian Register”.

Joint work of Certification Association “Russian Register” and the insurance expert in this field with facilities and companies of the oil and gas, nuclear, defense, energy, transport industries allows the efficient use of the accumulated potential, qualified personnel, extensive network of branch and representative offices of Certification Association “Russian Register”.

Tariff rates

Kinds of insurance Tariff as % of the insurance sum
Insurance of cargos 0.05 %- 0.2%
Insurance of public liability of carriers and forwarders 0.5 %- 3 %
Insurance of property of legal entity from 0.1%
Insurance of public liability of legal entities from 0.5 %
Insurance of water transport (CASCO, H&M) from 0.5 % - 3.5 %
Insurance of public liability of ship owners from 0.5 % - 1.5 %
Construction and assembly operations liability insurance from 0.2 % - 0.8 %
Machinery breakdown insurance from 0.8 % - 1.5 %
Voluntary medical insurance (VMI) Depending on the selected program
Producer liability insurance (for quality of goods, activities, services) from 0.5 % - 1.5

Benefits of the service for organizations

  • Informing of the top management representatives of Organizations about new services in the scope of insurance and additional opportunities of Russia Register provides the real prospective for Clients to gain the added value.
  • Insurance protection drives the enhancement of financial and reputational sustainability of a company, increase of potential customers’ confidence and correspondingly provides benefits for growth of client-organizations’ businesses.
  • Our objective: provision of our clients with necessary insurance protection under the optimal price/quality ration.
  • Our target: to ensure reduction of costs (time and money) for our clients.
  • For this very purpose we established the new field of joint activities of Certification Association “Russian Register” and the insurance expert which enables using the existing and potential cooperation between companies and Certification Association “Russian Register”.

Advantages of cooperation with Russian Register and the insurance broker

  • The Insurance Expert of Certification Association “Russian Register” represents the insured at all stages of work in the scope of insurance from preparation of the insurance contract to settlement of losses and disputable situations;
  • Specially for clients of Certification Association “Russian Register” – customers of the certification services the insurance expert is ready to develop a variant of a complex program for insurance protection in various fields;
  • Regular monitoring of the insurance market by our experts enables offering the optimal insurance conditions, beneficial tariffs, reliable risk spreading;
  • Opportunity for different forms of cooperation: from a one-time contract to a long-term contract on complex services;
  • The Insurance Expert receives insurance products at the price defined by the insurer, which is not higher than the offer received by a client from an insurance company directly. Furthermore, as a result of a tender a client normally receives a price for insurance lower than in case of direct application to an insurer. In addition, the client receives a consultation on the wide range of issues without additional payment at this stage;
  • In case of an insured event, the Insured Expert will help the client to prepare and process the documents required for consideration of losses, and facilitate to settlement of potential disputes until the client receives the insurance indemnity.
  • The extended technical and pre-insurance audit performed by employees of Certification Association “Russian Register”, professional assessment of the risk degree by Certification Association “Russian Register” providing for the appropriate competence and experience of experts allow to develop a set of preventive measures aimed at minimization of risks and selection of the optimal insurance coverage – protection against irrecoverable financial losses.


Partners of the insurance experts are the leading insurance companies of Russia. The company maintains good relationship with insurers of the global level from Baltic states, Scandinavia, Great Britain, Germany.

Our partners include: SOGAZ JSC, Rosgosstrakh PAO, Ingosstrakh SPAO, “Liberty Insurance” JSC, “Absolut Insurance” Ltd., “Advant-Insurance” Ltd., ECD&FI Global”, “AlfaStrakhovanie” JSC, “Renaissance Insurance Group” JSC, “IC “Alliance” JSC, VSK IJSC, SPAO “RESO-insurance”, “Soglasie” Ltd., “Arsenal IC” Ltd.

Request form

If you would like to be definite about the cost and conditions of insurance and receive a quotation to further make a decision on insurance, we offer you to fill in the Request form (upload file). Based on the information provided to you by the Insurance Expert we will prepare the individual estimation of the insurance cost from several insurance companies, and develop the unique quotation.

Before applying to RR we kindly ask you to prepare the following information in advance:

  • name and location of the insured object;
  • insurance period;
  • the cost of the insured object/desired limit of liability.
Request for insurance services
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