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Vegetable materials mainly used for stuffing (e.g., kapok, vegetable fibers, eelgrass), including in the form of panels on or without a substrate of other materials01.29.30.120
Special Clothing44179
Products hosiery knitted or crocheted14.31
Footwear waterproof on the sole and with rubber upper, except for footwear with protective metal toe-cap15.20.11.110
Footwear with protective metallic tray15.20.31
Various different footwear15.20.32.120
Other shoes, not included in other groups.
Rubber gloves22.19.60.110
Rubber cuffs and collars22.19.73.112
Rubber-metal cuffs22.19.73.113
Other products of technical designation made of vulcanized rubber, not included in other groups22.19.73.119
Clothing and its accessories plastic22.29.10.110
Plastic gloves22.29.10.120
Products made of mixtures based on asbestos and magnesium carbonate or asbestos carbonate23.99.11.130
Friction materials used for brakes, clutches and similar devices, not mounted.
Products based on graphite or other forms of carbon as semi-finished products23.99.14.130
Hot-rolled stainless steel sheet, without additional processing, at least 600 mm wide12351
Rolled sheet of unalloyed steel, at least 600 mm wide, clad, galvanized or otherwise coated18925
Hot-rolled steel bars and wire rod hire39014
Pipes, hollow profiles and their fittings made of steel43885
Other semi-finished steel products43914
Aluminium plates and sheets24.42.24.110
Copper rods24.44.22.110
Copper plates and sheets24.44.24.110
Titanium and its products, titanium-based alloys, powders.
Ferrous metal supports and masts other than those included in other groups25.11.22.190
Metal tanks for compressed or liquefied gases25.29.12
Water purification equipment for power plants25.30.12.112
Heat-exchange equipment25.30.12.115
Auxiliary equipment for use with steam boilers, etc.
Condensers for steam or other steam power plants25.30.12.120
Nuclear plant control systems25.30.22.111
Servo Drives (Actuators) for Nuclear Plant Control and Protection Systems25.30.22.113
Evaporators and superheaters of steam generators of heat exchange equipment for nuclear power plants25.30.22.133
Exchangers for nuclear power plant heat25.30.22.134
Shipboard nuclear heat-exchange units25.30.22.135
Other nuclear heat-exchange units, not included in other groups25.30.22.139
Operational equipment for nuclear installations25.30.22.140
Radiation protection equipment for nuclear installations25.30.22.150
Other finished metal products44099
Computers, their parts and accessories26.20.1
Components and spare parts for computers other than those included in other groups26.20.40.190
Instruments and equipment for automatic fire fighting and fire alarm systems26.30.50.120
Instruments, installations, dosimetric systems26.51.41.110
Instruments, installations, radiometric systems26.51.41.120
Instruments, installations, spectrometric systems26.51.41.130
Radioisotope devices26.51.41.150
Ionizing radiation detectors26.51.41.160
Instruments for measuring electrical quantities without a recording device26.51.43
Instruments and equipment for telecommunications26.51.44
Self-recording instruments with logometric measuring circuit (secondary)
Instruments for measuring or controlling the flow, level, pressure or other variables of liquids and gases, except for26.51.52, êðîìå
Instruments and equipment for physical or chemical analysis not included in other groups26.51.53
Instruments and equipment for automatic regulation or control, hydraulic or pneumatic.26.51.65
Instruments for non-destructive quality control of materials and products26.51.66.120
Control and signal equipment for automatic protection of units against dangerous vibrations26.51.66.133
Parts and accessories of articles classified in groups 26.51.12, 26.51.32, 26.51.33, 26.51.4 and 26.51.5; microtomes; parts not included in other groups26.51.82
Electric motors with capacity not more than 37,5 W; other direct current motors; direct current generators37222
Universal AC and DC electric motors with power more than 37,5 W; other AC electric motors; generator (synchronous generators) of alternating current37587
Universal AC and DC electric motors with power more than 37,5 W; other AC electric motors; generator (synchronous generators) of alternating current.11654
Generator sets with internal combustion engines with compression ignition38318
Electrical transformers27.11.50.120
Static electrical converters27.11.61.120
Components (spare parts) of generators that do not have independent groups.
Other devices for switching or protecting electrical circuits with voltage exceeding 1 kV than those included in other groups27.12.10.190
Devices for switching or protecting electrical circuits for voltage not exceeding 1 kV37617
Panels and other sets of electrical switching or protection equipment for voltage not exceeding 1 kV11684
Lead batteries, except those used to start piston engines27.20.22
Fiber optic cables, except for individually sheathed fibers27.31.12.120
Coaxial and other coaxial conductors of electric current27.32.12
Other electrical conductors for voltage not exceeding 1 kV27.32.13
Other electrical conductors for voltages above 1 kV27.32.14
Cable fittings27.33.13.130
Non-electric air heaters or hot air distributors made of ferrous metals, not included in other groups27.52.13
Other internal combustion piston engines with compression ignition41606
Pneumatic spreaders28.12.14.130
Hydraulic systems42732
Hydraulic and pneumatic power equipment parts44193
Other pumps and compressors28.13
Pressure-reducing, regulating, return and safety valves28.14.11
Process Control Valves, Gate Valves, Valves and Ball Valves28.14.13
Components (spare parts) of cranes and valves and similar fittings that do not have independent groups.28.14.20
Other technological and auxiliary equipment in the field of atomic energy use, not included in other groups28.22.18.490
Equipment and installations for filtering or purifying gases not included in other groups28.25.14
General purpose ventilators28.25.20.110
Components (spare parts) of refrigeration and freezing equipment that do not have independent groups28.25.30.110
Technical equipment filters for uranium production equipment28.29.12.150
Other special purpose equipment, not included in other groups28.99.39.190
Parts of other special purpose equipment28.99.52
Special containers29.20.21.120
Other containers, not included in other groups.
Protective glasses32.50.42.120
Protective headwear and other protective equipment32.99.11
Heaters of heat exchange equipment of nuclear power plants42.22.13.333

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