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Testing for determination of the substance hazard class

Инспекция и экспертиза на транспорте

According to the UN statistics, the share of hazardous cargos in the total cargo turn-over is about 50%. As a rule, shippers and recipients of hazardous cargos are companies of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and mining industries. The Technical Regulation on safety of chemical products approved by the Decree of the Government of Russia on October 7, N 1019, becomes effective since the 1st July 2021.

This Technical Regulation defines requirements for chemical products released to the market in the Russian Federation which are mandatory for application in the Russian Federation, as well as rules and forms of assessment of their conformity, regulations on identification, requirements for terminology, packaging, marking and labeling and rules for their application, requirements for safety of chemical products at the turnover stage, i.e. their storage, transportation, sale, use and disposal.

Methods of chemical products research (testing) are established in standards included into the list of documents on standardization which provide rules and methods of research (tests) and measurements, including rules for sampling, required for application and fulfillment of the requirements of this technical regulation and assessment of chemical products conformity to the requirements of this technical regulation.

Chapter 7 of the technical regulation provides two forms for conformity confirmation — declaration and certification of product conformity provided for by the Federal Law “On technical regulation” dated 27 December 2002 No. 184‐ФЗ. The system of standards (GOST) GOST 30333–2007 “Chemical product safety datasheet. General requirements”, GOST 31340–2007 “Safety marking of chemical products. General requirements”, System of standards for classification, System of standards for testing methods – physical and chemical, on effect on human health, on environmental impact, due laboratory practice.

Transport safety is the summary characteristic of hazardous chemical and physical properties of a cargo which highlights its negative impact under certain conditions of the transportation process on the personnel and local population, natural and man-made environment. Main summary characteristics of hazardous cargos which define their transport safety include: capacity for detonation and explosion, easy inflammation and spontaneous ignition, toxicity or poisoning potential, radioactivity, acescency, acidity and corrosion.

Safety of hazardous cargo transportation is a state of protection of human life and health, property, environment, transport facilities and vehicles against transportation hazard of hazardous cargos being transported. Identification, compliance with national, international statutory and regulatory rules and requirements on safety of HC transportation, as well as performance of a set of special arrangements aimed at prevention or mitigation of danger to human life and health, environmental impact , loss of material assets, violation of other conditions of living and uninterrupted operation of the transport system in case of emergencies with HC constitute the framework of ensuring safety of hazardous cargo transportation.

In order to establish a single approach to assessment of transportation hazards and assurance of HC transportation safety, adequate response to them, determining measures for prevention and liquidation of emergency situations, GOST 19433–88 defines the single classification and labeling of hazardous cargos — for all kinds of transport.

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