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Meeting of ALLVET partners in St. Petersburg

Встреча партнеров ALLVET в Санкт-Петербурге

12 – 14 July 2021, a meeting was organized at the Central Office of the Certification Association “Russian Register” for the participants of the project “Creating an alliance between HE and VET in accordance with the implementation of the Bologna principles through building the capacity of VET teachers” (ALLVET 609952-EPP-1-2019-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP).

In line with the agenda, the partners held an interim planning and coordination meeting. Particular attention was paid to quality assurance issues. The meeting was held in a hybrid format: in face-to face format there were the representatives of the project coordinator (Kragujevac University, Serbia), representatives of the consortium from Kazakhstan (Narxoz University, International University of Information Technologies, Suleiman Demirel University) and representatives of the consortium from Russia (Russian Register, Bologna Club, Mordovia State Ogarev University and Don State Technical University); Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University and partners from the EU (Dresden University of Technology, Deusto University, The South East European Research Centre (SEERC)) took part in the event online.

It is a 3 years project, aimed at creating long-term network cooperation between educational institutions of higher education and vocational education based on transparent national and international educational standards and comparable teaching tools, as well as the introduction of teaching standards in accordance with the criteria of the Bologna process. The project provides for the preparation of an expert pool competent and capable of using ECTS and Tuning methodology for vocational training in Russia and Kazakhstan.

During the meeting, the partners presented the current results of the work packages of the project, planned the preparation of a technical report, and outlined the deadlines for solving various project tasks.

The role of the Russian Register is to ensure internal quality control of the project and create quality assurances; ensuring control over the compliance of the results of any kind of project activities with the planned results; assessing the compliance of the implemented activities with the planned activities and timely assessment of the planned achievements and project results, as well as assessing the quality of the project results with the involvement of an external auditor or a conformity assessment body.

Representatives of the Russian Register are part of the Internal Evaluation Working Group (IEWG) together with representatives of national coordinators in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. At the meeting they discussed the results of the assessment of the main project activities, the analysis of the assessment results by the project coordinator, and possible directions for improving project activities.


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