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Russian Register has been recognized as independent inspection body in the field of construction of nuclear power facilities in Turkey

Русский Регистр признан независимым инспекционным органом в области строительства объектов атомной энергетики в Турции

According to the decision of Nuclear Regulatory Authority in Turkey in the end of July 2020 Certification Association “Russian Register” has been granted an Inspection Body Authorization Certificate (code: TR-NS-NYDKYB011) for the nuclear power plants (NPP). Russian Register is a unique Inspection Body in Russian having received this Authorization.

According to the current Regulation on Construction inspection of the nuclear power plants published in Official Gazette (№: 30024) and entered in force on March 31, 2017, the authorization mentioned above is mandatory for the organizations performing the inspections of manufacture, construction and installation activities of the entire structures, systems and components of the nuclear power plants.

This authorization will allow specialists of the Inspection Body Russian Register to offer suppliers of the NPP construction the services that are covered by the assigned scope. The presence of a Russian Register’srepresentative office in Turkey will also allow to quickly address the challenges set for the Association.

The authorization complements the accreditations and recognitionsof Russian Register required for mandatory certification of products supplied to nuclear power facilities, as well as voluntary certification of management systems of the nuclear industry provider organizations.

The project execution of creationof nuclear industry in Turkey has been initiated in May 2010 when the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Turkey had signed thecooperation agreement on the Akkuyu nuclear power plant construction and operation in the Republic of Turkey. Today, the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey continues. The NPP name Akkuyu in translation from Turkish means “white well” or “clean source”.


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