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Russian Register conducts an on-line training on international accreditation of degree programmes

Обучающий вебинар Русского Регистра по международной аккредитации образовательных программ

On June 25-26, 2020 the experts of the Certification Association “Russian Register” held an on-line training “Procedure of international accreditation of degree programmes. Training for experts of the Russian Register”.

The event was conducted as a part of the Erasmus+ project “QA in Russian HE: integration with European approaches  - integration into European space” (611520-EPP-1-2019-1-RU-EPPJMO-SUPPA).

During the webinar, the participants and the hosts achieved the following aims:

  • to ensure the understanding of the requirements of the standards of Russian Register developed for conducting international accreditation of degree programmes and the ability to apply this knowledge during the accreditation procedure;
  • to provide information about the current methods of international accreditation and reviewing procedure;
  • to ensure the awareness about the work of the experts of Russian Register, distribution of responsibilities among the experts;
  • building the skills necessary for the experts of Russian Register.

Over 30 participants took part in this on-line training, including the representatives of academic and professional communities, Directors of degree programmes, students and graduates of educational institutions. During two days the participants of the on-line training participated in the case study which was the case of real life international accreditation.

As pre-training activities, the participants studied the standard of Russian Register, took diagnostic test, conducted desktop review  of the self-evaluation report prepared by a university designed by  the purposes of training. The participants worked in teams under the guidance of supervisors: Dr. Marina Izmailova, Dr. Vasiliy Makolov, Dr. Maria Turovskaya and Dr. Alexandra Zvezdova. All the participants successfully coped with the tasks and received certificates of the expert’s training.

The event ended with a round table discussion (moderated by  Dr. Alexandra Zvezdova) on the topic “International accreditation as a QA tool for the evaluation of higher education: problems and prospects”. The participants discussed the advantages of international accreditation of degree programs, development of accreditation practice in Russia, including accredited programmes in various registers supported by international networks for quality assurance of education.


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