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The meeting of the International Accreditation Board

Заседание Международного Аккредитационного Совета по вопросам качества образования

“The quality of medical education today means how long we can life. How good we can live. It means our life. “G.P. Voronin, President of the All-Russian Public Organization“All-Russian Organization for Quality”

On December 24, 2020, a regular meeting of the International Accreditation Board (IAB) on the quality of education took place. IAB is an advisory body of the Russian Register, responsible for making decisions on the international accreditation of degree programmes, which passed the accreditation conducted by Russian Register. The Board was held on-line and ended with a round table debates after the decision making on degree programmes.

With this meeting, the Russian Register opened a new stage in the development of accreditation of degree programmes - international accreditation for degree programmes in Medicine. Currently, due to the pandemic, medicine is becoming increasingly important for national security, for ensuring sustainable development of the economy and society as a whole. Medical institutions has traditionally been the partners of the Russian Register. It has taken an active part in improving management systems at medical institutions. The experts of the Russian Register conduct trainings and seminars for medical personnel and top managers aimed at increasing competence in such the fields as lean production management, the development of lean technologies in medical institutions. The Russian Register promotes the application of national standards in medical institutions. In 2017, the Russian Register was accredited by the Federal Service for Accreditation (Rosaccreditation) to confirm compliance with the requirements of GOST R 56404-2015 Lean Manufacturing. Since that time various organizations have been certified, namely polyclinics, private medical centers, colleges for paramedical staff, a regional medical center for primary health care, a Medical Institute and a Simulation Center at Belgorod National Research University.

Accreditation of clusters of degree programmes in Medicine is a logical and consistent step in the development of the relations between the Russian Register and medical institutions. Experts of the Russian Register believe that the added value that medical universities receive while participating in accreditation procedures allows them to improve curriculum, improve the quality of teaching the students, those people who are preparing to provide professional medical care in the near future. For these purposes the composition of the International Accreditation Board was expanded and two experts jointed it. It is Ms Farida Nusupzhanovna Nurmanbetova, a scientific consultant of the Eurasian Center for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Education and Healthcare (ECAQA) of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Igor Vladimirovich Ivanov, Director of the National Institute for Quality of Roszdravnadzor.

The meeting was opened by A.A. Sachkov, Chairperson of the Expert Council for the Development of Civic Education and Socialization of Students under the State Duma Committee on Education and Science. His report “The quality of education in 2020: the transition of universities to blended and distance learning formats in connection with the unfavorable situation caused by COVID-19” reflected the main trends in the development of educational technologies in Russian universities.

The agenda of the meeting was the results of the accreditation of degree programmes of Ural State University of Railways (USUPS) and Volgograd State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (VolSMU). Based on the results of the assessment, the degree programmes of USUPS of received the accreditation for a period of 4 years, which, according to the methodology of the Russian Register, means a significant degree of compliance of the programmes with the established requirements based on ESG (ENQA). The degree programmes of VolSMU received the accreditation for the longest possible period of 6 years.

There was a vivid discussion of the examination results among the members of the Board: G.P. Voronin, President of the All-Russian Organization for Quality; S.V. Mikhailov, Head of the Educational and Methodological Department of the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering; L.N. Skakovskaya, Rector of Tver State University.

The meeting of the Board ended with a round table discussion on the quality of medical education within the framework of the Erasmus + project “QA in Russian HE: integration with European approaches  - integration into European space.” A.B. Zvezdova, a moderator, organized an exchange of opinions and discussion among the participants. S.S. Sarsenbaeva, Director of the Eurasian Center for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Education and Healthcare (ECAQA), presented the mechanisms for ensuring and assessing the quality of medical education in Kazakhstan. The participants of the round table considered such potential areas of cooperation publishing the articles in the journal “Quality Management in Medicine”. The journal was presented by S.S. Antonova, Vice-President for information policy of All-Russian Organization for Quality, as a methodological guide to ensure the quality and safety of medical activities of medical institutions. During the event, the participants shared their expert  opinions on the current  situation on the quality of medical education. G.P. Voronin, President of All-Russian Organization for Quality, was distinguished by fair criticism. All those present were involved in the discussion. The resolutions were recorded for the further development of activities in the field of assessment of the quality of education.

Заседание Международного Аккредитационного Совета по вопросам качества образования




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