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Main principles of Certification Association “Russian Register” HR policy

HR policy is an integral part of the Association’s overall strategy for development and management.

We aim to make the best use of knowledge, skills and expertise of employees by creating conditions for all-round development of their potential and professional growth.

We ensure conformity of each employee to professional level, required to work in the leading certification and expert organization of Russia and the CIS countries.

We strongly support employees’ initiatives, meeting the objectives and interests of our organization, and highly value the results achieved by these initiatives.

The most important objective of HR service in our opinion is provision of consultations and methodological assistance to Heads of Departments and Project Managers on personnel management issues.

Selection and development of personnel

Selection of Managers is mainly performed using the internal pool.

Selection of administration and support personnel is performed using the external pool.

Performance requirements for positions are determined by a Head of Department; headhunting is carried out by HR service; decisions on recruitment are made jointly by Head of Department and HR service.

Labor contract is concluded in recruiting an employee for any position. Employees are provided with social security.

Personnel training is organized in conformity to strategic objectives of the organization’s development and individual plans of staff development.

The organization implements internal training program in key areas of professional activities.

We consider the main motivating factors to be carrying out activities in prestigious, internationally recognized organization, opportunity to grow professionally and undergo training, innovativeness of projects being developed and implemented, excellent staff of enthusiastic like-minders, respect towards interests, needs and ideas of each employee.

Recognizing that personnel is key success factor for the Association, its reputation and promotion on certification services market, we make it a primary objective of HR policy to “grow” highly qualified Experts, create optimal conditions for development and career progress, and maintain comfortable atmosphere of cooperation.


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