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Military-industrial complex

Военно-промышленный комплекс

Military-industrial complex (MIC) is a flagship of Russian industry. Many MIC enterprises have a centuries-long history, production culture built during decades and the most advanced industrial technologies, allowing them to supply products that are comparable or superior to the best foreign analogues on the global market. However today manufacturing of the high-quality products is not enough for the enterprise development.

Services provided by Russian Register to the MIC enterprises in the field of certification of management systems, products and personnel help them to successfully carry out the modernization of their activities:

  • Certification in military certification systems “Military Register” and “Oboroncertifica”;
  • Certification of quality management systems, environmental management systems, occupational health and safety management systems under the international accreditation of IAF member;
  • Certification of information security management system, IT Service Management under the international accreditation of IAF member;
  • Certification of integrated management systems developed in compliance with the requirements of several international or national standards;
  • Products certification in Russian Register system;
  • Engineering and quality control: domestic production, component supply chain;
  • Personnel training on programs, conforming to the requirements of International Personnel Certification Association (IPC) and IQNet Academy.
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