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Forest certification

Лесная сертификация

FSC — Forest Stewardship Council® - is an international non-profit organization, the primary objective of which is supporting environmentally responsible, socially oriented and economically sustainable forest management and global forest resources management.

Currently FSC is the fastest-growing certification system in the world. It is continuously cooperating with all stakeholders, monitoring market changes, and communicates to customers the importance of sustainable global forest resources management and maintenance of their environmental functions by means of preservation of the most valuable forest territories.

Valid FSC certificate is a confirmation that products, wood and non-timber, originates from forests where timber exploitation is performed in accordance with the FSC principles and criteria, and organizations holding such certificates performs environmentally, economically and socially responsible activities.


FSC Market Info Pack

Therefore, along with sustaining environmental resources and preservation of their environmental functions forest certification provides for long-term economically efficient production, respecting the interests of workers and all interested parties. The certificate guarantees responsible approach to the use of forest resources and therefore preservation of forest ecosystems at a global level.

There are three main types of FSC certification:

Advantages of FSC certification:

Upon receipt of FSC certificate an enterprise can obtain tangible significant advantages:

  • Launch certified products into international environmentally sensitive markets of Europe, America and Asia and gain recognition;
  • Improve investment attractiveness of business and increase the level of the enterprise’s capitalization;
  • Improve the enterprise’s image at local and regional levels;
  • Get an opportunity to use FSС Trademark, demonstrating that these products are the result of legal and responsible forest management;
  • More favorable pricing policy in conclusion of long-term FSC certified products supply contracts;
  • Obtaining access to a more convenient and efficient tool to search for FSC certified products all over the world.

Certification Association “Russian Register”:


Certification in Russian Register:

  • International certificate of conformity to the requirements of FSC standards,
  • Wide range of training courses and seminars,
  • Opportunity to undergo certification of integrated management system’s conformity to the requirements of 2 or more certification systems,
  • Opportunity to use transfer procedure,
  • Opportunity to receive an integrated service on certification of management systems, products, personnel, etc.
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