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Management system certification

Сертификация систем менеджмента

Present‐day business is in need of advanced management tools, which make it possible to flexibly and promptly solve multiple and different tasks which top management now continually face. Each individual task requires a certain decision and tool. The higher the level of organization, the higher the level of tasks and the more fine are the adjustments.

But in order to achieve these heights one should start moving and build a foundation. Management systems can become such foundation. They organize company’s internal business environment and determine the rules. Following these simple rules it is possible to achieve the best result as cost‐effectively as possible.

The kind of management system depends solely on the company. The degree of its conformity to objectives set for it by a manager can be assessed by an independent Assessor – a Management System Certification Body. In order to be confident in the results of such an assessment it is important to choose a reliable Certification Body, able not only to carry out management system audit in conformity to the requirements of any given standard, but also to promote further system development, its improvement, search of new tools. Russian Register is such Management System Certification Body.

Due to availability of a great number of international, national and sector accreditations, notifications and recognitions, Russian Register offers a wide range of services on certification and audit. Our broad network of representative offices in Russia and abroad brings us closer to those seeking qualified, objective and recognized certification.

Russian Register Management System Certification Body:

  • Performs works in conformity to ISO/IEC 17021–1 and rules of Certification Association «Russian Register» voluntary certification system.
  • Voluntary certification system is registered in a consolidated register of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.
  • Possesses the required accreditations:
    • international: RvA –Dutch Accreditation Council, АNAB – the USA National Accreditation Board;
    • national: the Federal Accreditation Service (Rosaccreditation).
  • Possesses sector accreditations, notifications and recognitions: IRIS, AS 9100, FSSC 22000, etc.
  • Is a member of The International Certification Network IQNet.
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