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Certification of personnel

Сертификация персонала

Certification of personnel is a relatively new service dynamically developing in Russia, but generally recognized in the world, which allows the personnel to obtain official, impartial and independent confirmation of their professional competence, organizations – to confirm qualifications of their employees, and so improve competitiveness and image of the company.

The personnel certification service is provided in accordance with ISO/IEC 17024 “General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons” and rules of the Voluntary Certification System of Certification Association “Russian Register” the main objective of which is to develop evaluation criteria and tools for objective evaluation of the personnel knowledge and skills required by the labor market with consideration of national and/or international standards for vocations, official, impartial and independent assessment of competence knowledge and skills of the personnel occupied in various economic sectors.

Russian Register is a member of the International Personnel Certification (IPC). IPC unites the world’s leading personnel certification bodies which operate under multilateral agreements on mutual recognition based on the requirements of the International Standard ISO/IEC 17024 “General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons”.

Benefits from Certification of Personnel

  • opportunity to receive the independent assessment of the training quality, competence level, professional training of employees;
  • demonstration of conformity with professional standards;
  • continual monitoring of the personnel competence;
  • development of the positive image;
  • opportunity to demonstrate the qualification reliability to the business partners;
  • recognition of the personnel qualification and competence under integration processes of the global economy;
  • meeting the requirements of international labor markets;
  • assurance of psychological comfort for the personnel and their motivation;
  • enhanced attention to and respect for employees of the company;
  • improved demand for and “cost” of professionals in the labor market.
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