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Stages of personnel certification activities

Сертификация персонала

The certification process includes analysis and assessment of the candidate’s conformity to the requirements in respect of basic education and work experience, theoretical training and practical skills.

In the general case certification consists of the following stages.

  1. Applying for certification

You need to study the requirements for competence applicable for the selected certification scheme, fill in the application for certification, prepare the package of application documents and submit it to the Head Office of Russian Register. Rights and responsibilities of Applicants are provided in General Conditions for Personnel Certification.

Requirements for competence, application form and necessary documents are provided in relevant sections for each certification scheme.

  1. Payment of the certification fee and analysis of the application.

After the initial consideration of the application to the certification body you will need to pay the certification fee for initial certification.

After that the personnel certification body verifies completeness of the application, conformity of the applicant to the predetermined requirements for education and work experience and makes the decision on admission to the examination.

  1. Examination — demonstration of your knowledge, skills and personal qualities.

For evaluation of his/her personal qualities, knowledge and kills each candidate shall take an exam. The examination procedure, including its retaking, is defined by normative documents for each particular certification scheme.

Information about time and venue of the examination is available in section Examination Schedule.

  1. Issue of the certificate and certification card.

Upon results of the exam the personnel certification body makes the certification decision in respect of each candidate. In case of a positive decision each certified expert receives a certificate and a certification card.

Also the information is entered into the registrar of certified experts accessible for all stakeholders on the website of Russian Register.

  1. Renewal certification.

Every three/five years (depending on a certification scheme) you will need to provide evidence of meeting the recertification requirements.

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