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Product certification in ROSATOM system

Сертификация продукции в системе РОСАТОМ, Качество РОСАТОМ, РОСАТОМ сертификация, Сертификация РОСАТОМ, Требования РОСАТОМ

Compliance with the requirements in the field of atomic energy use is confirmed by the license (atomic license) issued by Rostekhnadzor and a certificate of conformity for products in the field of atomic energy use issued by a certification body accredited by State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom (Rosatom).

Certification Association “Russian Register” is accredited by Rosatom as a Product certification body, in compliance with the requirements of Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 20, 2013 №612 “On accreditation in the field of atomic energy use”, for the certification of products with established mandatory requirements related to ensuring safety in the field of atomic energy use.

Product certification in the field of atomic energy use confirms compliance with the safety and quality requirements for products in the field of atomic energy use.

Product certification in the field of atomic energy use is necessary for enterprises that supply products for nuclear energy facilities.

Certificate of conformity issued by the Russian Register confirms compliance with Rosatom requirements and allows manufacturers and suppliers of products to enter the Rosatom market.

RR accreditation scope includes the following products (search of the specific products):

  • Devices and automation equipment;
  • Electrotechnical equipment and products;
  • Pumps and pumping units for nuclear installations and radiochemical production;
  • Special technological equipment;
  • Pipe fittings (special and industrial) for nuclearenergy facilities;
  • Products of radiation protecting equipment;
  • Equipment for emergency power supply systems;
  • Control servo-drives;
  • Heat-exchange and capacitive equipment;
  • Metals and metal products for equipment and systems of atomic energy facilities;
  • Equipment for ventilation and gas purification systems, compressors and fans;
  • Personal protective equipment.

Conducting research (testing) and measurements

RR cooperates only with the testing laboratories having an accreditation issued by Rosatom.

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