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List of documents used during inspections

Инспекции в промышленности
  • Regulations on Inspection Body of Association Russian Register;
  • Quality Manual of Inspection Body Russian Register;
  • Guidelines on arrangement and provision of inspection;
  • Guidelines for random sampling in inspection;
  • Material and component Inspection manual;
  • Guidelines for non-destructive testing methods in inspection;
  • Guidelines for expanded technical audits;
  • Guidelines for conducting vulnerability assessment of the transport infrastructure and vehicles;
  • Russian Register Inspection Body personnel training manual;
  • General terms of rendering services by Inspection Body Russian Register;
  • Instruction to determine the scope and cost of the inspection;
  • Instructions on application review and contract execution;
  • Procedure for control of QMS internal documents;
  • Instruction on documentation support;
  • Procedure for managing suppliers of the Inspection Body Russian Register;
  • Instruction on labor protection for RR inspectors during inspections conducted by the personnel of Inspection Body Russian Register;
  • And other documents according to the valid (if any) scope of accreditation.

A general description of the applicants’ rights and liabilities related to the execution of works on the conformity assessment (within the scope of inspections) is given in the General terms of rendering services.

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