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Procedure for complaints and appeals consideration against decisions of the Inspection Body Russian Register

Инспекции в промышленности

The client or other interested party has the right to lodge a claim/complaint against the Inspection Body Russian Register by sending it in writing to the Director General of the Association Russian Register.

Russian Register is liable for confirming receipt of the claim/complaint and bringing the analysis results and information about the actions taken on the complaint to the applicant organization in writing. In case of dissatisfaction with the decision, the organization has the right to appeal to the Russian Register Certification Board against the decision of the inspection body.

If the organization isn’t satisfied with the outcome of an appeal under the IB RR procedures, it may appeal the actions of the Inspection Body to the higher authorities, such as the Accreditation Body and/or the Court of Arbitration.

The control process of appeals, complaints and claims is described in detail in the Procedure № 005.00-214.

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