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Сertification of tare and package for hazardous cargos

Инспекция и экспертиза на транспорте

The manufacturer releases and labels products as per requirements of GOSTs, and by meeting these requirement meets the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On safety of package” (TR CU 005/2011). It (declaration, receipt of a declaration of conformity to TR CU) is mandatory. Package intended for transportation of hazardous cargos shall bear a label in accordance with GOST 26319 “Hazardous cargos”.

Hazardous cargos shall be submitted by shippers for transportation in tare or package established by standards or technical specifications for products, as well as appropriate requirements of UN Model Regulations or GOST 26319–84 “Hazardous cargos. Package”.

Tare and package shall be strong, operable, fully prevent leakage and spillage of cargo, ensure its preservation and safety of transportation. Materials of which tare and package are manufactured shall be inert to the contents.

Parts of tare, including IBC and large-size containers which directly contact the hazardous cargo:

  • shall not be impacted by these hazardous cargos or significantly lose strength as a result of such impact;
  • shall not cause dangerous effects, such as reaction catalysis, or react with the hazardous cargo;
  • shall prevent penetration of hazardous cargos which can pose a danger under normal transportation conditions. Where necessary tare shall have the appropriate inner lining or have the required processing of the inner surface.

Labeling of the tare means that:

  • the tare conforms to the type of structure which was successfully tested;
  • meets the requirement for manufacturing of such tare;
  • the labeling symbol does not necessarily mean that the tare can be used for any substance.

CA RR accepts test reports for review to perform identification of the hazardous cargo tare labeling.

For additional information on certification of tare and package for hazardous cargos please contact our experts.

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