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Online workshop “Evaluation of educational programmes in accordance with ESG and best practices of European QA agencies”

Онлайн воркшоп Русского Регистра по оценке образовательных программ

In April 24, 2020, Russian Register conducted an online workshop “Evaluation of educational in accordance with ESG and best practices of European QA agencies” as one of the events of Erasmus + project “Quality Assurance in Russian Higher Education: integration with European approaches – integration into European space”.

The purpose of the event was to discuss the structure and content of the requirements of QA model developed by the Russian Register to ensure the goals of international accreditation of educational programmes.

Dr. Еugenia Korneva, the academic coordinator of the project, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech. In her report, she presented the basic concept of the project and the goals of the workshop. The model of international accreditation was presented by Dr. Marina Izmaylova, an expert and methodologist of the Russian Register. The participants of the workshop reviewed and analyzed the tasks and methods of ensuring the compliance of degree programmes with ESG standards based on the presented model. The moderator of the workshop, Dr. Alexandra Zvezdova, maintained the exchange of views and discussion among the participants. At the result of the event, the participants filled in the survey by using Google forms. Currently, the project team is processing the results and is preparing the adjustments to the presented model.

Over 40 participants took part in the workshop. The participants represented various target groups of the goals of the project: academic and professional communities, heads of degree programs, students and graduates of educational institutions, staff of QA Agencies, educational supervisory Bodies,  research and academic staff, experts and others stakeholders.

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