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A meeting of Russian Register and Turkish Nuclear Regulatory Agency’ representatives took place in St. Petersburg

В Санкт-Петербурге состоялась встреча представителей Русского Регистра и Агентства по ядерному регулированию Турецкой Республики

On 13th of November 2021, a working roundtable meeting of the top management of Certification Association “Russian Register” and the delegation of Turkish Nuclear Regulatory Agency (NDK) headed by its President Dr. Zafer Demirkan and the General Manager of Nuclear Technical Support Corporation (“NÜTED A.Ş.”) Mr. Yusuf Ceylan took place.

Representatives of Turkish companies informed about the current status of works at the largest nuclear construction site, where nearly 14 000 people are currently working.

Arkady Vladimirtsev, Director General of Certification Association “Russian Register”, provided up-to-date information on the current projects related to nuclear field and its potential. Those projects are executed by Inspection Body acting on the base of Russian Register.

Round tables with Russian and Turkish inspectors involved in the project were organized in order to exchange experience and to improve the quality of suppliers inspection for Akkuyu NPP.

Please be reminded that in 2020 Russian Register has been issued an Inspection Body Authorization Certificate (code: TR-NS-NYDKYB011) for the nuclear power plants (NPP).

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