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Technical regulation “On the safety of inland water transport facilities”

Timber materials, sawn or chipped lengthwise, layered or peeled, more than 6 mm thick; wooden railroad or tram railway sleepers, non-impregnated16.10.1
Wood profiled along any of the edges or layers; wood wool; wood flour; wood chips or shavings16.10.2
Unprocessed timber materials; wooden railroad and tram sleepers impregnated or processed in other ways 16.10.3
Plastic coverings materials for floor, wall or ceiling, in rolls or in tile form22.23.11
Bathtubs, sinks for wash stand, toilet bowls, seats and covers for them, washbasins and similar sanitary ware made of plastic22.23.12
Tanks, cisterns, containers and similar plastic tanks capacity of more than 300 l22.23.13
Door and window blocks, sills for doors, shutters, blinds and similar products and their parts made of plastic22.23.14
Linoleum and hard non-polymer flooring materials, i.e. resilient floor coverings such as vinyl flooring, linoleum and similar products22.23.15
Plastic building products, not included in other groups22.23.19
Nets, canvases, floor mats, mattresses, plates and other fibreglass products, except glass fabrics23.14.12
Other glass, including technical glass products23.19
Concrete products used in construction23.61
Mixtures and solutions for construction23.64.1
Other constructions and construction details, sheets, bars, corners, profiles and similar products made of ferrous metals or aluminium25.11.23
Doors, windows and their frames and sills for metal doors25.12.10
Barrels and similar containers made of ferrous metals25.91
Twisted wires, ropes, braided cords, slings and similar ferrous metal products without electrical insulation25.93.11
Barbed wire made of ferrous metals; twisted wire, ropes, braided tapes and similar products made of copper or aluminium without electrical insulation25.93.12
Metal fabric, gratings, nets and fences made of ferrous metal or copper 25.93.13
Nails, buttons, drawing buttons, brackets and similar products25.93.14
Wire, filler rods, rods, plates, coated electrodes or flux core wire25.93.15
Springs and sheets for springs made of ferrous metals; copper springs25.93.16
Chains (exept articulated-link chain) and their parts25.93.17
Sewing needles, knitting needles, darn needles, crochet hooks, embroidery needles and similar items for handicraft made of ferrous metals; safety pins and other ferrous metal pins, not included in other groups25.93.18
Threaded fasteners made of ferrous metals, not included in other groupings25.94.11
Non -threaded fasteners made of ferrous metals, not included in other groupings25.94.12
Non-threaded and threaded copper fasteners25.94.13
Other navigation devices and tools
Radar equipment, radio navigation devices and radio remote control equipment26.51.20
Instruments for manual measuring of linear dimensions (including micrometers and beam calipers), not included in other groups26.51.33
Tools, instruments and machines for measurement or control, not included in other groups26.51.66
Components (spare parts) of drawing tables, machines and other tools for drawing, marking or mathematical calculations, not included in other groups26.51.82.120
Components (spare parts) of hand tools for measuring linear dimensions, not included in other groups26.51.82.130
Components (spare parts) of machines and devices for testing the mechanical properties of materials, not included in other groups26.51.82.150

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