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Inspection during production

Инспекции в промышленности

1. Products in the production process at various stages


Inspection of production according to the established technological process (operations, use of the technological equipment, tools, furniture, control and testing equipment, parameters of special processes, qualified personnel).

Visual Testing

The state of the material surface, thread, color, gloss and others in accordance with the regulatory documentation on the products.

Instrumental control

  • Measurement of the basic/connecting dimensions to ensure the compliance with approved specifications/drawings.
  • Measurement of the dimension to ensure the compliance with approved specifications/drawings.


  • Control of testing.
  • Organization of testing in an independent testing laboratory (center).

Documentary control

  • Records of the established types of control (logs, protocols of non-destructive testing).
  • Testing methodology.
  • Testing program.
  • Certificates of test equipment certification.
  • Evidence of calibration or verification of measuring equipment.
  • Test protocols.

2. Welding

Visual and measuring testing

Documentary control

Instrumental control

In accordance with the approved inspection and test plan or customer specification, unless otherwise specified:

  • visual inspection of the weld surface;
  • documentary analysis of the manufacturer’s welding technology specifications;
  • documentary inspection of certificates of welding technology production certification;
  • compliance of welding consumables with the requirements;
  • compliance of welding conditions with the requirements (observation, inspection of records);
  • analysis of the welder’s certificate - qualification compliance;
  • documentary analysis of the records about non-destructive testing method;
  • analysis of the NDT specialist’s certificate - qualification compliance;
  • calibration/certification of instruments/installations of non-destructive testing;
  • welds measurement in accordance with the approved drawings.

Inspection of the certificates/attestation for welding technology, verification of special processes, personnel appraisal certificates, certificates of material and others;

3. Paints and varnishes/protective coatings

Visual Testing

Instrumental control

In accordance with the approved inspection plan or technical specification, unless otherwise specified:

  • surface preparation (substrate);
  • inspection of the climatic conditions (environmental conditions);
  • inspection of the availability and compliance with the technical data sheet,
  • ensuring proper mixing and dilution,
  • thickness measurement of the wet/dry film,
  • inspection of the number of coatings,
  • inspection of the cleanliness between the coatings (absence of salt, dust, oil, etc.),
  • inspection of the minimum and maximum time of interlayer drying,
  • performance check,
  • adhesion test;
  • control of the equipment and methods used;
  • color inspection: type (RAL color standard), brightness, manufacturer, coating material.

4. Laboratory or bench tests

5. Non-destructive testing


Documentary control

  • Verification of the facility suitability for testing, ensuring the availability of all necessary approvals and certificates.
  • Certification/calibration evidence of test equipment.
  • Inspection of the availability of methods, programs, standards and specifications for testing.
  • Ensuring that the testing is carried out in accordance with the established standards or specifications, along with the proper documentation of any deviations, errors or incidents identified during the testing.
  • Record analysis at the facility to determine that the measuring equipment used for testing provides accurate measurement, has the proper permission for its direct use, is duly calibrated, and complies with national standards at the time of the testing.
  • Appraisal that the recorded test results of the inspected object fully and accurately reflect the results obtained during the testing.

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