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Pre-shipment inspection

Инспекции в промышленности

Objects of inspection: products ready for shipment to the customer (client), general, liquid and bulk cargoes, vehicles, technological operations of loading.

Methods of control

Visual Testing

Inspection of product condition:

  • quantity;
  • completeness and SPTA (spare parts tools and accessories);
  • absence of mechanical damage;
  • performance check;
  • production date / expiry date;
  • batch number.

Inspection of packaging and marks:

  • packaging in accordance with the customer specifications;
  • packaging in accordance with the national packaging guidelines;
  • shipping marks in accordance with the customer specifications;
  • shipping marks in accordance with the national packaging guidelines.

Inspection of the vehicles condition.

Inspection of the technological operations of loading.

Photography from different angles with indication of date and time.

Control by measurement

  • If necessary in accordance with the technological documentation, normative and technical documentation or customer specifications (for example, weight, dimensions, etc.).

Documentary control

  • Inspection of the availability of technical documentation, shipping documents, documents confirming the quality and completeness (including spares and tool kit).

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